AIA Distributes Jesus DVD to Olympic Athletes

Members of the Athletes In Action (AIA) ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ said they were thrilled at the positive responses they observed from athletes who received their JESUS Film DVDs and Bibles at the Athens Olympics

In addition to Bible distribution, AIA members also handed out copies of the JESUS Film Projects’ special release of JESUS on DVD to many athletes.

AIA staff from Paraguay and Kenya explained that they were overwhelmed at the response and opportunities to minister to numerous athletes who had great desires to learn about Jesus Christ.

Several athletes from central America and Africa were seen praying to receive Christ. AIA also reported that 26 Olympic team members from a South American country expressed their desire to grow in faith after meeting with an AIA staff couple.

The AIA's Jesus DVD for Athens Olympics features life journey stories from current athletes who were changed by Jesus Christ. The DVD was an effective tool for evangelism due to its size and content.

AIA’s Gary Beckman said it is easy to carry the DVD and it is also more “valued” simply because it is in a more up-to-date format. He says, "What really excites me is that research has shown these DVDs will reach the most remote corners of the earth as the athletes return home and share the it with others." "The 'ripple effect' of a tool like this is almost beyond imagination."

AIA hopes to extend the reach of Jesus Christ to more people and it also plans to have massive DVD distribution for future evangelism.