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Amy Winehouse Dead: Ex-Husband Devastated

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    Police officers stand outside the home of British singer Amy Winehouse in London July 23, 2011. Winehouse, whose hit single "Rehab" became the anthem for troubled celebrity culture, has been found dead at her home in north London, Sky News reported on Saturday. Police said they had found the body of a 27-year-old woman at a flat in Camden Square, north London, after being called by ambulance services around 1500 GMT.
By Debbie Cohen , Christian Post Contributor
July 26, 2011|10:38 am

Amy Winehouse’s ex-Husband Blake-Fielder-Civil has been left devastated after hearing about the singer’s death over the weekend. In a statement made on Sunday he confessed his unconditional love for Winehouse; saying she was the love of his life.

The pair married in 2007, but split two years later, and there have been rumors of drugs and infidelity during the marriage. Currently, Fielder-Blake is serving 32 months for burglary and a firearms offense in Leeds’ Armley Jail in West Yorkshire, England.

According to The Sun newspaper, Fielder- Civil collapsed on Saturday afternoon when prison officials called him out of his cell to break the shocking news.

He said, “My tears won’t dry and I will never ever again feel the love I felt for her.”

Tragically, just weeks ago Winehouse told pals that Fielder-Civil was the only person who could save her. Reportedly, Sarah Aspin, Fielder-Civil’s current girlfriend says jail officials have Fielder under close watch because he is so upset and keeps sobbing uncontrollably.

"I just couldn't console him," she said, according to reports. "He was in total shock. He is the father of our son. But I saw him and Amy together and I know they were really in love and they were soulmates. She always loved him and he always loved her, but it was just never going to work."

According to reports in British media sources, Georgette Fielder, the mother of Winehouse’s ex-husband is worried that he might commit suicide. Fielder said she does not know how he will survive without Amy.

"Blake will kill himself,” she said. “He won't make it without her. He will be devastated, totally and utterly devastated. He'll go straight back to self-harming. I'll have to ring the prison and he'll have to be put on watch. He was always ringing her and she was always ringing him. Blake always wanted her back.”

Winehouse's body was discovered in her London home July 23. An autopsy conducted Monday was inconclusive and toxicology tests can take up to four weeks to determine the cause of death. Her funeral was held Tuesday lunchtime in north London.

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