By Brent Woodie , Christian Post Contributor
December 5, 2011|4:00 pm

Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has plenty of songs to remember his daughter by; however, he finds it hard to listen to them.

Contact Music reported on the emotional affect of Amy's parents listening to her posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

"When we [he and ex-wife Janis] went to listen to the album it was a very difficult time for us," said Mitch to the Press Association. "It was very emotional. But we had to sit through it and after the first couple of songs we sort of calmed down a little bit.”

So far, the album has been getting good reviews. The CD features 12 tracks, put together by producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, who have worked closely with Winehouse in the past.

“Listening to Amy Winehouse’s ‘last album’ reminded me of passing the tributes left by fans outside her Camden home after her death from alcohol poisoning this July,” said Helen Brown of The Telegraph.

Amy Winehouse Father’s Difficulty in Hearing Daughter’s Last Album

Amy Winehouse Father’s Difficulty in Hearing Daughter’s Last Album

Winehouse’s music often reflected the realities of her life: the up-and-downs of love, the feeling of despair and defiance in the face of criticism. This close connection to her saddened tragic life could be the reason Mitch finds it difficult to process his daughter’s latest offering.

“Our son was there as well and we all had to be in agreement that the album was of the same quality or better, in fact, than 'Frank' and 'Back To Black,’ and we were more than pleasantly surprised," Mitch said, regarding the album’s quality compared to her former works.

Mitch is often been vocal about his daughter’s problems with drug abuse and how it played an important role in her troubled life. After her death, Mitch visited several media outlets to explain the reason for her passing.

Besides the music, Mitchwill find other ways to keep the Grammy Award winning singer’s name alive.

Recently, it was reported that he would be writing about his daughter’s life. Harper Collins made an announcement in October revealing that Mitch will be calling the book "Amy, My Daughter in The United States and Britain," and that all proceeds will be donated to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.