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By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
December 24, 2013|9:13 am

Luke 2:1-7

Every year around Christmastime, we read the account of Jesus' birth, but perhaps we've let the familiarity of the story dull our concentration. More often than not, we skim over the well-known verses, telling ourselves we already understand all there is to know about the story. But without a deeper, more intimate look at our Savior's birth, we'll miss some of the truths the Lord wants us to learn and apply to our lives.

From a human perspective, there was nothing special about this scene. Mary and Joseph were just an ordinary couple having a baby. Because poor people were so common, even the lowly setting of a stable as a birthplace was no big deal. Yet this was the most significant event in human history. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, that baby was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy-the Creator and sovereign Ruler of the universe became Immanuel, God with us (Matt. 1: 23). The Son of God and Savior of the world was lying in a cattle feeder!

Who could ever have imagined God's plan-to send His Son into the world as a baby who would grow up in an ordinary family? It's such an unimpressive way for the Messiah to make His entrance. The lesson is that we can't judge a situation on the basis of appearance.

Likewise, events that seem ordinary in our lives may be occasions when God is doing something awesome. Since He works continually to achieve His will, every event and choice in our lives has significance. We just need the eyes to see beneath the surface and the faith to believe that He's working.

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