Anglican Communion Network Sets Goals, Plans, Visions

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- The representatives of each of the twelve dissenting dioceses within the Episcopal Church USA met with other Anglican leaders who rejected the consecration of an openly gay bishop, to plan out the future of their committee, commonly referred to as “Anglican Communion Network,” on March 2-4.

“We accomplished an enormous amount of organizational work and are committed to rapid forward movement,” said Bishop Robert Duncan, Moderator of the American Anglican Council. “This is an action-oriented group focused on addressing the urgent crisis of the men, women and children in the pews who feel disenfranchised and abandoned by ECUSA, many of whom are experiencing intimidation and harassment in revisionist dioceses.”

In addition to the American Anglican Council, the acting Convocation Deans, representatives of Global Mission Partners and the American Anglican Council’s Strategy Group all attended the Pittsburgh PA meeting.

Together, the group developed the Mission and Vision Statements as well as Core Values based upon the structural and theological charters for the Network. Additionally, the committee elected the convocation deans to the group: the Rev. John Guernsey, Mid-Atlantic Convocation; the Rev. James McCaslin, Southeast Convocation; the Rev. Ron McCrary, Mid-Continental Convocation; the Rev. William Thompson, Western Convocation; and the Rev. David Moyer, Forward in Faith North America Convocation.

One of the main roles of these deans will be to establish convocation structures and to develop procedures for association with the American Communion Network.

On financial issues, the Steering committee began a funding and budgeting process and approved formation of an Anglican Communion Network Missionary Society.

The Missionary Society will strive to bring groups of people who have left ECUSA and those who are seeking to explore the tradition and worship of Anglican orthodoxy.

The American Anglican Council was also unanimously voted as the provisional Secretariat for the entire Anglican Communion Network. The Committee also discussed relationships between the Anglican Communion Network and other organizations and coalitions such as the Anglican Communion Institute, Ekklesia and Global Mission Partners.

“The American Anglican Council is delighted to continue to serve the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes,” said Canon Anderson, AAC President. “We have pledged the resources and staff necessary to meet the demands and fulfill the realignment goals established by the Steering Committee.”

The representatives of the twelve original diocese initially signed and joined the Anglican Communion Network in January 2004. Since then, six diocese as well as the Forward in Faith North America joined the network.