By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
July 29, 2012|10:05 am

1 John 4:4-6

Scripture records two occasions when Satan asked God for permission to test a believer. The Devil attempted to break the faith first of Job (1:6-12) and then of Peter (Luke 22:31-34). Jesus warned that Satan wanted to "sift" the disciple like wheat--shaking his faith in the way a farmer separates wheat kernels from debris. The Enemy hoped that Peter would fall away like chaff. But both attacks ultimately failed, and the men came through with faith restored and strengthened by the Lord. However, at the time of trial, each found himself attacked in the most vulnerable area of his heart.

Is your life making an impact worth talking about? Are you serving God in such a way as to make Satan feel threatened? If not, you don't need a major attack for your faith to suffer greatly. Instead of being alert and recognizing the battle at stake, you will be lulled into uselessness like a frog in water heating gradually to a boil.

But when you grow spiritually--rejecting lies and taking hold of the wholeness that is yours in Christ--you threaten the work of the Evil One. The Lord calls on you to extend His love to specific people because you have just the right knowledge, story, or temperament to reach them. And when you do, you reclaim stolen territory for His kingdom.

You may think you're not important, but the Lord knows your true value. As His beloved child and friend, you have an important part in His plan for eternity. Satan fears you when you recognize this truth. Fight back and rely on God's Spirit--greater is He who is within you!

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