By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
July 30, 2013|8:24 am

Are You Blind to Your Own Salvation?
I'm convinced that many Christians live with a big gap in their understanding of what God has done for them. Most people understand that Jesus died so their sins can be forgiven, and most people understand that He died so they can have a future with Him in eternity, but I've found that few understand what Jesus has provided for them today.

This "Gospel Gap" subverts our identity as Christians and our understanding of the present work of God. It undermines every relationship in our lives, every decision we make, and every attempt to minister to others. So over the next four weeks, we're going to tackle the "Gospel Gap." Today we'll diagnose the Gap, using 2 Peter 1:8-9, and in the following weeks we'll look at three types of spiritual blindness that result from it.