Asian Churches, 'Let us resemble Korea'

The 6th Asian Church Congress was closed which was held from 26th to 29th of April on Chi-ahk Mountain in South Korea. Pastor Sang-bok Kim, the leader of Evangelical Fellowship of Asia, said," 80% of participants visited Korea for the first time. They are the second generation of Evangelical movement, and they said they received a lot of grace and were challenged more than they had expected through this opportunity. It was the time where we reaffirmed the ministries and evangelical direction in Asian churches."

Asian Churches, 'Let us resemble Korea'The representatives of churches in Asia who attended the congress

He added, "Also we emphasized on eqilibrium in ministries of 'the gospel of salvation' and 'change through sanctification', 'serving towards God,neighbors and society."

Pastor Myung-hyuk Kim, the leader of Evangelical Fellowship of Korea said,"God's grace was poured down in every moment of this congress and participants were filled with passion. On the last day, all the participants went to the border of North Korea