Attacking Arthritis Three Ways

Arthritis affects all of us, to some degree, as we age. Some may have more symptoms than others, but virtually everyone experiences wear and tear of the joints, thinning of the cartilage, and often there is pain and inflammation.

But we need not suffer, or rely on OTC pain medications. There are natural approaches that can be combined together to effectively address these problems.

A mistake has been made on the natural side in dealing with joint and arthritic problems by relying almost solely on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These nutrients help restore the cartilage, but that is only one part of the equation. We also have to address the pain and inflammation of joint disease.

We have come up with a group of ingredients that, when combined, are effective in dealing with all three aspects.

In addition to chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, my joint formula contains:

• Curcumin/Turmeric root - One of the best anti-inflammatories, it has been used for centuries. A Cornell University study found that it did decrease joint pain and inflammation, which makes it one of the key ingredients in dealing with joints.
• Tart cherry - Long used for the inflammation and pain of arthritis, it works similarly to curcumin root.
• Holy basil leaf - A strong anti-pain and anti-inflammatory, it works chemically in the same way as many anti-inflammatory medications.
• Boswellia/Indian Frankincense extract - It has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, and when you decrease the inflammation, you also decrease the pain.

The compounding effect of these families of nutrients work together to tackle the pain and inflammation, which can have immediate results, as well as the restoration of cartilage, which can take a little longer to take effect.

Arthritis/joint degeneration is one of the most prevalent, annoying and disabling diseases that we face today. In fact, it has now been estimated that everyone over the age of 50 will have changes in their joints. It is time to address this now in the natural before it progresses. Don't wait until you lose cartilage or have severe pain or joint deformities; deal with it aggressively in your 40's and 50's.