Baby Deer Rescued from 20-Foot Manhole in New York

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By Jennifer Riley, Christian Post Reporter
August 3, 2012|3:29 pm

A baby dear was rescued from a 20-foot manhole in Long Island, New York yesterday by four emergency service officers.

The brown baby deer with a white speckled body fell into the hole near a vacant lot, according to AP. One emergency officer descended into the hole using a harness and was able to put another harness on the deer, allowing other officers to lift the Bambi-lookalike to safety.

It was landscapers that had discovered that the baby deer had fallen into the hole. And the officers reported that the deer appeared to be scared and sounded like it was crying. After the deer was rescued to safety above, the four emergency rescue officers posed for a photo with the baby deer and released it into the woods.

See photos here.


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