Bethel University Receives Grant Supporting Faculty Mentoring

The Lilly Fellows Program grant will be used to build mentoring programs at Bethel University to strengthen and develop the university’s faculty.

In mid-October, Bethel received a $12,000 grant for “Mentoring Second-Year Faculty” from the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts. The funds will be used to develop a mentoring program between new and senior faculty members.

Within the program – which was proposed by faculty development coordinators Pamela Erwin and Marion Larson, the director of corporate and foundation relations Sandy Clark, and the dean of faculty growth and assessment Rich Sherry – new and senior faculty will meet each month for discussion on core topics about teaching.

“There are four goals,” said Erwin about the new program. “The mentoring program will strengthen understanding and practice of the pietistic faith tradition of Bethel, increase support of faculty for effective teaching and learning in the classroom, further encourage them in integrating faith into areas of scholarship and research, and more significantly promote their development as persons and professionals.”

This is the first award granted by the Lilly Fellows Program to Bethel University the Christian university in St. Paul, Minn., previously known as Bethel College & Seminary until 2004. The Lilly Fellows Program is a network of church-related educational institutions within the U.S., focused on building connections between Christianity, colleges, and universities. Conferences are held by the program to promote research on issues such as faith, education, and the relationship between religion and academia. Bethel University has been a member institution for several years.