• Beyonce
    (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)
    Beyonce, who announced her pregnancy earlier in the day, rubs her stomach after performing "Love On Top" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, August 28, 2011.
By Ray Downs, Christian Post Reporter
August 29, 2011|11:27 am

Production of Clint Eastwood’s movie remake of “A Star Is Born” is likely to be delayed because a star will be born. Beyonce’s baby announcement Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards will delay the production start date, which was supposed to begin next February.

Eastwood has agreed to push back the start date in order to allow his star to come back, ready to perform.

The film, about a young singer on the rise who falls in love with a rock star on his way down, is a remake of a remake of a remake with some of the biggest names in Hollywood history attached to each rendition.

The original “A Star is Born” was produced in 1937 by legendary “Gone With the Wind” producer David O. Selznick. Nearly twenty years later in 1954, Judy Garland starred in the first remake, which turned out to be one of her most memorable performances.

In 1976, Barbara Streisand starred opposite Kris Kristofferson in a steamier remake of the remake.

The new Clint Eastwood production does not have a leading man yet, in part because of multiple reports that Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of the alcoholic rock star whom Beyonce falls for.

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Deadline.com has reported several other candidates for the role, including such varied performers as Eddie Murphy, Jon Hamm, P. Diddy, and Robert Downey, Jr.

And despite his “Dirty Harry” reputation, Clint Eastwood is no stranger to musicals. In the 1969 film, “Paint Your Wagon,” Eastwood sang the songs, “Gold Fever” and “I Talk to the Trees.”

He also directed “Bird,” a 1988 biopic of jazz great, Charlie Parker.