BGEA Sends Out 95,000 Youth Evangelism Kits

In just a little over a month after the launch of an innovative evangelistic tool for the youth generation, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has already sent out 95,000 Dare to be a Daniel tool kits.

The new tool gives "tweens" (9-14 years old) a step-by-step program on how to share Jesus Christ. The D2BD kit comes to thousands of children and teens at no cost, but a recent report by the evangelistic ministry showed that over $20,000 has been raised for the program from pledges made in memory of a young believer who died.

Nathan Parrish, 25, had died from a rock climbing accident near Idyllwild, Calif., on Jan. 24, 2006. His death occurred as the BGEA was in the process of developing ministry materials to train Generation Y youths to share the saving grace of Christ - what Parrish loved to do, according to the BGEA where Parrish's father Preston serves as executive vice president.

"Nathan recommitted his life to Jesus Christ two years ago and his passion was to share Jesus' love with everyone with whom he came in contact," stated an obituary in The Charlotte Observer.

Pledges for Dare to Be a Daniel were started in honor of Nathan after the launch of the training tool. As Nathan had run in San Diego's Rock 'N Roll Marathon before the accident, family and friends decided to continue running the race in memory of Nathan. Running partner Stacey Hinnant, Nathan's brother Gregory, BGEA employee Rob Jones and his brother Clark, as well as Preston signed up for the marathon, raising pledges to help fund Dare to Be a Daniel.

"Nathan's life gave glory to the Lord, and it was important for us to pull together and run this race in honor of Nathan, while raising money for a project that also gives glory to Jesus Christ," said Preston, according to the BGEA.

Each packet of evangelistic materials for the new program costs $10 to produce but is available as a free kit to the public. The pledge money collected so far will result in over 2,000 youths being trained to share the Gospel and stand up for Christ as the Bible character Daniel boldly did.

Although grievous of Nathan's death, Preston commented, "But we know that God is in control and we know that Nathan is part of that great cloud of witnesses surrounding us. I'm sure he's rejoicing that this will result in even more souls being in heaven."

Dare to Be a Daniel comes as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is placing a larger focus on raising the young generation of today. Partnered with Youth for Christ in the United Kingdom, the evangelistic ministry is contributing to an "Emerging Evangelists Training Program" in Great Britain. The program trains young adults to be more skilled and dedicated evangelism leaders.

For more information on Dare to Be a Daniel, visit www.daretobeadaniel.