Bible Outreach Campaign Adds Amateur Video Contest

Following Latin rock band Salvador's fall tour and Latino outreach kick-off, the American Bible Society announced a new amateur video contest as part of its outreach campaign with Salvador.

The Hispanic/Latino Ministries at ABS is sponsoring a contest in search for amateur videos that promote the importance of daily bible reading. The contest is part of the La Biblia es Mi Guia (The Bible is My Guide) campaign, which was newly launched by ABS and Salvador.

While promoting their new studio release "Dismiss the Mystery," Salvador is on tour handing out portions of Scripture and telling thousands of Latino fans about Bible reading. And the campaign is developing into a multi-faceted promotion with the video contest as its latest addition. Special concerts sponsored by ABS will be held beginning January 2007 for a full promotion of the Bible to the Latino community.

Salvador frontman Nic Gonzalez had excitedly called the new Latino outreach the band's biggest undertaking with a target audience that is reported to be the fastest growing community in America.

Three- to five-minute video entries are currently being accepted until the end of October and first prize is $500, an autographed copy of the band's new album and a campaign t-shirt. The second prize winner gets an iPod and the t-shirt and the third place winner receives Salvador's album and the t-shirt.

The contest was launched to "spark interest in young people to think about the importance of Bible reading and to see what videos might come out of it" to be used in many other ways for Bible promotion, said ABS spokesperson Roy Lloyd.

ABS posted a sample video the ministry discovered that promoted the Bible. "Baby Got Book" – a modified version of Sir Mix-a-Lot's hit song – presents a man's fondness for Big Bibles in a humorous tone.

Video submissions will be weighed on clarity of Bible message, originality, creativity and humor. Winners will be announced Nov. 15.

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