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Biden Bikers Photo Leads to Romney-Ryan Meme (PHOTOS)

  • (Photo: Twitter/Jim Sheridan)
    A meme featuring GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan shows the candidates dressed as bikers.
By Katherine Weber , Christian Post Reporter
September 10, 2012|3:45 pm

A photo of Vice President Joe Biden getting cozy with a female biker in southern Ohio over the weekend has inspired Internet users to issue faux responses from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, sparking a series of biker-related memes.

One such meme shows a Photoshopped Romney, donning a sleeveless jean jacket and a red bandana, staring off into the distance as Ryan, who has his arms wrapped around Romney, smiles at the camera while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Another doctored image shows Romney and Ryan dressed as bikers wearing Viking helmets.

The Photoshopped memes were created in homage to a humorous photo taken this past weekend in south Ohio.

The photo shows Vice President Biden sitting directly behind a female biker. His two hands are on her shoulders, and he is whispering something in her left ear. Two men, one on either side of Biden, are staring at the intimacy with looks of possible shock and weariness.

The hilarious photo op took place at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio Sunday, Sept. 9 when Biden invited a group of leather jacketed bikers over to his table.

"I know who runs the show," Biden reportedly said to one unidentified female biker, motioning for her to come sit near him.

The female biker pulled up a chair in front of Biden, and as the VP leaned into her to tell her something, reporters snapped photos of the couple sharing a smile. It almost appears that the female biker is sitting on Biden's lap, but reporters have since confirmed that she is sitting on a separate chair.

Another photo taken over the weekend shows Biden kissing a female supporter directly on the lips while attending a campaign event at Zane Grey Elementary School, Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012, in Zanesville, Ohio.

The website Twitchy has captured a number of tweets regarding the Biden photo, both supportive and questioning of the vice president's behavior.

"Joe Biden is a creepy man," tweeted Sean Hackbarth.

"Obama must be so proud of this classless clown," tweeted Marc. T. Grove.

Others found the photos entertaining and unoffensive.

"There are no photos of Joe Biden that are not terrific," tweeted Lauren G.

"I'm probably going to link this photo of Joe Biden every day for the rest of my life," tweeted David Roberts, referencing the photo of Biden with the female biker.

Biden's humorous photo ops were a product of his weekend campaign speeches in Ohio, predominately in Milford and Zanesville.

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