Blogs Becoming a Popular Way to Share Faith

Web logs have become very popular with more than 11 million logs online. Experts say that a significant percentage of them are religious, like Gordon Atkinson’s

A web log, or blog for short, is an online journal for people to share thoughts and views. Atkinson, a computer programmer and minister uses his blog to share his viewpoints on faith.

"I wanted to write very honestly and in a straightforward fashion, and it seemed like web logs would be a good way to do that," he said.

Professor Michael Zank says the growing popularity of religious blogs reflects a resurgence of spirituality in America, "Religion is back in the United States with a vengeance!"

Blogs allow users to discuss any topic without restriction, "Whether it's sports or journalism or culture or politics, everything can be connected with religion."

Jeff Sharlet, editor of “The Revealer,” a religious online magazine, believes that blogs are very influential and can shape religious and political debates such as the Terry Schiavo case and the clergy sex abuse scandal. “I think the conservative Christian blogs did a great amount of work at convincing people that war in Iraq was a legitimate Christian option,” he said.

Atkinson worries that politicians may use the power of blogs for their own agendas, but he himself will remember his identity as a Christian and continue to write about faith and life. In a recent entry, he writes about a conversation with his daughter. “She's a minister's daughter, but she's struggling with her own belief in God. I wrote about that and from my heart what it was like talking to her," he said.