Book of Hope to Distribute to 2 Million Rwandan Students

Book of Hope is taking part in the massive Christian outreach effort spanning the 100 days of the Rwandan genocide, volunteering to distribute more than two million copies of it scriptural storybooks to Rwandan students.

Coinciding with Rwanda’s 100 days of genocide, Apr. 7 to July 15, more than 500 Christian volunteers from various countries are taking part in different relief activities in an effort to replace the painful memories of 1994 genocide with hope and God’s love. The United States and Australia are partnering with local churches in Rwanda to construct schools, homes, and orphanages; distribute humanitarian aid and medical assistance; and hold a church leadership conference, a businessmen’s outreach, and other evangelistic outreach efforts.

Book of Hope’s goal is to hand out two million scriptural books to every school child and teacher in the 12 provinces of Rwanda.

“This is such an enormous goal and mission but we have definitely seen God’s hand in it all,” said Joey, a Book of Hope intern ministering in Rwanda who was identified only by his first name. “It is incredible to see what God can do to accomplish a goal that we cannot. It would be impossible for us to pass out all two million books in anytime shorter than a lifetime but through training others who train others an impossible goal becomes possible.”

Book of Hope’s publication combines the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to tell the life story of Jesus Christ, and contains study questions and a clear plan of salvation at the end to explain how readers can accept Christ as their personal Savior.

“I hope that you will continue to pray for the kids of the world and the kids of Rwanda,” Joey said. “Also continue to pray for our team here that God will continue to watch out for us.”