Building Character, Developing Leadership in the Presbyterian Church

The annual Presbyterian Youth of America (PYU) Leadership Conference is slated for the last two weeks of June.

Hosted by Christian Education and Publications (CEP) of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the conference will follow the theme: "Get Real: Character is Leadership."

High school students from across the U.S. will convene in two locations - Covenant College, Georgia and Glorieta, New Mexico – from June 18-25 and June 25-July 2, respectively.

At this year’s conference, PYU seeks to help teens across the U.S. understand what it means to be a leader.

According to the PYU website, the issues facing today’s youth are almost always character issues as the young people fail to understand that character and leadership go hand in hand.

Dean Conkel, CE&P Youth Ministries Coordinator, describes the PYU as one of the strongest events for PCA students to plug into during the summer.

“When you combine all the elements that a PYA conference can offer a student, it becomes clear that this is a conference of depth and substance, to the glory of God and the good of all who attend,” says Conkel.

The three key elements that identify the nature of this conference are “strong, biblically reformed world and life view, leadership development that touches both the present and the future, and kindred spirit relationships that last well beyond the length of the conference.”

Grounded on The Westminster Confession of Faith, PYU strives to “equip, excite and encourage strong Christian students to be even stronger in Christ.”

The conference, designed particularly for high school students from Presbyterian and Reformed churches, is now at its 26th year. Primarily PCA, young people also come from other denominations for an intense week of leadership training and development.

The Presbyterian Youth of America Leadership Conferences, under the leadership of the committee for Christian Education and Publications of the Presbyterian Church in America, are designed to develop the leaders of tomorrow by challenging high school students to think and live biblically while providing an atmosphere conducive to building lifelong relationships.

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