Bush Proclaims World Freedom Day

On Nov. 9, President George W. Bush issued a proclamation commemorating World Freedom Day.

In his proclamation, Bush recalled the historic events which led to the holiday. “Fifteen years ago, the people of East and West Germany tore down the Berlin Wall, and freedom triumphed over Communism,” he said. “The dismantling of the Berlin Wall reunited Germany and helped spread freedom across Central and Eastern Europe. With free elections and the spread of democratic values, these countries won their liberty, and their people became free. These democracies today contribute to a strong Europe, and the United States values their friendship and their partnership.”

He continued, “On World Freedom Day, we recognize all of those who fought for liberty and helped end the oppression of Central and Eastern Europe. We stand by those who today are enjoying the blessings of liberty. And we reaffirm our commitment to extending peace and freedom in the world.”

The President first proclaimed Nov. 9 as World Freedom Day three years ago.