BWA Leaders Celebrate Christ with Garo Baptists

Baptist leaders from the Western World proclaimed Christ to a gathering of thousands of Indian Baptists amid worship and praise, during the Garo Baptists’ annual gathering in the Indian State of Meghalaya, on Sunday, February 13, 2005.

According to a testimony by Tony Cupit, the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Director of Evangelism and Education, “Jesus Christ has revolutionized the Garo community” – a community that grew to more than 200,000 believers.

Cupit and a team of BWA leaders were invited to join the 10,000+ Garo Baptists in celebrating the Garo Baptist Convention’s annual convention.

Throughout the “festive, colorful, worshipful, joyous and moving” days, the western Baptists shared their faith and grace with the natives, who had to tend to themselves since missionaries were expelled from India 50 years ago.

According to Culpit, the BWA team was “was not only able to minister, to teach and preach and to testify of Christ's grace and love,” they were “humbled and awed by the obvious commitment and dedication of Garo people whose resources and opportunities are nothing compared to those possessed by the unions and conventions from which the team members come.”

“As representatives of the BWA our team God is revered and worshiped in the Garo hills and thousands of faithful Baptist believers do the work of the Church in a multitude of ways day by day, month by month. It was a privilege to visit the Baptists of Meghalaya and see what God is doing among them.”