Campaign Confronts Secular Media with Overwhelming Evidence for Easter

The world's most famous former atheist is impressed with the evidence that Jesus resurrected. With this evidence in hand, one of the nation's "most beloved" television ministers, Dr. D. James Kennedy, seeks to impress journalists with a case for Easter. Through a new media campaign called "Risen Indeed," Kennedy will try to cast the truth of Easter to those media peronalities who strive to "cast doubt on Jesus" during this time of the year.

"This Easter season we are acting to preempt the media's habit of sowing doubt about the New Testament into the minds of millions," said Kennedy. "Our Risen Indeed media campaign will place into the hands of the press solid information that makes the case for the Resurrection" (Coral Ridge website).

Antony Flew, who was a leading philosophical atheist, at age 81 reached the conclusion last year that God does exist, and said in a recent interview that the "evidence for the Resurrection is better than for claimed miracles in any other religion."

Though Flew "remains skeptical" of the Resurrection, in a Philosophia Christi interview with Dr. Gary Habermas, he called the case for Christ's physical return to life "outstandingly different in quality and quantity, I think, from the evidence offered for the occurrence of most other supposedly miraculous events" (Coral Ridge press release). Flew studies miraculous claims.

Coral Ridge Ministries, the broadcast outreach of Dr. Kennedy, presents the evidence for Easter to journalists nationwide by sending a new book on the resurrection; additional information on resurrection evidence; a DVD of the award-winning broadcast, Who Is This Jesus: Is He Risen?, to air nationwide in The Coral Ridge Hour on March 19 and 20; and a contact list of eight resurrection scholars.

" 'The Risen Indeed' media campaign will also supply newspapers nationwide with opinion articles on resurrection evidences from Dr. Kennedy, a respected scholar and theologian who has written more than 65 books" (Coral Ridge).

The aim, Dr. Kennedy said, is to preempt the news media's pattern of "using the most holy time of the Christian calendar as an occasion to cast doubt on Christian faith and, frankly, sell magazines."

"It's almost an Easter tradition," said Kennedy.

"Time magazine has in the past picked the period around Easter as a good time to resurrect Jesus Seminar claims that 'not much of the New Testament can be trusted."

Newsweek also settled on Easter Week as the right time to present a lengthy article on 'Rethinking the Resurrection' a few years ago (Coral Ridge).

"If Antony Flew, a philosopher who has written on the question of miracles, considers the resurrection claim well-evidenced, it is my hope that journalists, if they address this question, will acquaint themselves with the unique and, I believe, compelling evidence for this central claim of Christian faith," said Kennedy.

"The evidence for the bodily resurrection of Christ is overwhelming," added Kennedy, who in his new book presents seven arguments that prove the resurrection and seven answers to disprove the theories that question the resurrection.

"Beyond its examination of the resurrection, Who Is This Jesus: Is He Risen? also gives viewers reasons to believe the entire Gospel record. It demonstrates that all significant facts of the life of Jesus can be reconstructed from ancient non-Christian sources, that archaeology confirms the historical accuracy of the Bible, and that the Old Testament contains over 300 predictions fulfilled by the life of Jesus," (Risen Indeed website).

"...The evidence is overwhelming—unless you reject the miraculous a priori before you study the facts. However, that is not a very objective way to approach anything. Christianity is based on a deep foundation, a foundation that cannot be shaken, despite all the attacks against it. The single most important event in Christianity is the resurrection of Christ," said Dr. Kennedy.