Campbell University Graduates Urged to be Leaders Who Trust in God

Monday, May 9, Baptist-affiliated Campbell University conferred 815 degrees at its commencement service held on campus in Buies, NC.

Dr. R. Kirby Godsey, president of Mercer University, delivered the commencement address to the audience of future leaders representing almost every state and 40 countries.

“Good leaders develop relationships. They embrace the habit of connecting with other people. They are good at solving the knotty problems,” Godsey said. “Good leaders develop resources, including financial, people, and ideas. They set others free to be mavericks in their own imaginative ways. They act, even when they cannot see the way clearly."

“Know what you will be willing to go to the wire for,” he said, urging graduates to first know their priorities. “The problem is not that people don’t have enough principles, they have too many. Know your priorities, and they will direct your course.”

During the baccalaureate worship service on Sunday, the graduates were advised by Campbell Divinity School's Dr. Charles Dorman to turn to God, seek his face, and trust in him as they go out into the “frightening and dangerous” world that they’re required to make their way through.

“Look to God’s word for guidance and his love will bless you,” said Dorman, who currently serves as an adjunct professor at the Campbell, where he designed and implemented the Supervised Ministry program. He first came to Campbell University in 1974 as a Visiting Professor of New Testament.