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    Casey Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez (L) leave the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida July 17, 2011. Anthony was released from a Florida jail on Sunday to resume the life interrupted three years ago when she was charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Anthony was acquitted by a jury on July 5 of culpability in Caylee's death.
By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter
January 27, 2013|9:50 am

Casey Anthony has filed for bankruptcy citing over $800,000 in bills that she is unable to pay, although some believe the move is an attempt to delay other charges.

Anthony is currently facing three civil lawsuits that will be immediately halted if she is permitted to claim bankruptcy. One of those includes the defamation lawsuit filed by the woman Anthony claimed was her nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

Two years ago Anthony was acquitted of killing her two-year old daughter Caylee but charged on four counts of lying to authorities. She has since acquired legal fees saying that she is unable to pay, according to court records. The documents claim that Anthony owes $500,000 to her defense attorney Jose Baez, in addition to over $145,000 to the Orange County Sheriff's department and over $68,000 to the IRS. Her personal property values has been assessed at about $1,000.

"To some extent she feels, she feels bad that she's having to have all these legal services provided to her and she is unable to compensate anyone," Andy Chmelir told CNN. "So she wants closure more than anything else."

The attorney for Gonzalez, who has claimed that Anthony destroyed her reputation by falsely supplying her name when the two women had no connection, said filing for bankruptcy was a tactical move.

"This most recent filing appears to be yet another calculated delay tactic," Matt Morgan told Central Florida News 13. "We are not deterred and will stay the course."

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The bankruptcy filing was made on the same day that an appeals court removed two of the four convictions that Anthony was facing for lying after her lawyers argued double jeopardy. The bankruptcy documents claim that Anthony, who has been serving a year of parole in secret due to alleged threats, has not made any income for the past three years.