Catholic Radio Goes On-Line

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November 26, 2003|7:04 am

Yatsani Radio, the radio station of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka, has became the first Zambian Catholic radio station to go online.

Thanks to Coppernet, Yatsani Radio's local Internet Service Provider, the radio station can now be accessed through the Coppernet home page.

Yatsani Radio Director Sr Janet Fearns FMDM, told CISA that there was great excitement recently when a phone-in programme received unexpected calls from Tokyo, England and Scotland, in addition to the more usual messages from the Lusaka area.

Online listeners can now tune in Yatsani Radio by going to the home page and then clicking on 'Radio Connections'.

Alternatively, one can access, and then click 'Listen to Yatsani Radio Live!', where he/she can 'Click Image'.


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