CCC Ministry Announces Partnership Plan to Distribute ''JESUS'' DVD

ANAHEIM, Calif. - A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ has unveiled a partnership plan that will further the ministry’s mission to mail a free copy of the “JESUS” DVD to every home in the United States. JESUS Video Project America (JVPA), founded in 1992 by the late Dr. Bill Bright, announced the plan on Sunday at the National Religious Broadcasters’ annual convention in Anaheim, Calif.

“JVPA’s Media Partnership Plan creates tremendous opportunities for broadcasters to fulfill their mandate to proclaim the Gospel, further the Kingdom of God and work with area churches and the community,” said Dave Clayton, JVPA’s national marketing director. “It also can help them generate contributions and donations or increase advertising revenue.”

The partnership plan, which will help JVPA “seed” JESUS projects in areas where no project has been initiated, features three options—“Committed Awareness Builder,” “Major Media Partner” and “Cornerstone/Anchor Tenant.”

“Committed Awareness Builders’ air JVPA public service announcements and ministry news in exchange for free DVDs as premiums or giveaways,” Clayton explained.

“‘Major Media Partners’ agree to help promote the distribution and follow-up project, and possibly make the project a full or partial share-a-thon theme,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Cornerstone,” or “Anchor Tenant” partners take ownership of and become responsible for all phases of a project.

In commenting on the latter option, Clayton said, “The most powerful aspect of this option is an ongoing discipleship ministry composed of stations, area churches and ministries, and JVPA/Campus Crusade resources, that can be birthed out of a ‘JESUS’ project.”

Through its volunteer “saturation evangelism” strategy, JVPA plans to mail free copies of “JESUS” to all 122 million homes in the United States. To date almost 20 million copies have been mailed.