CCCU, InterVarsity Announces New Partnership

Fusing the strengths of two large Christian organizations centered on higher education, a new partnership between the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was recently announced in a released statement by the CCCU.

"Having taught for sixteen years at Seattle Pacific University, a CCCU institution, I have high regard for both the vision and faith integration of these schools," said InterVarsity President Alec Hill. "This partnership between InterVarsity and the CCCU is an exciting step forward, bringing to bear the strengths of both organizations in faculty mentoring and spiritual formation."

CCCU encompasses more than 170 Christian higher education institutions around the world, including 105 member campuses in North America. IVCF currently serves more than 40,000 students and faculty on 560 campuses nationwide.

"From a Kingdom perspective, this partnership makes so much sense," said CCCU President Bob Andringa in a released statement. "The CCCU and IVCF share a common commitment to developing Christ-centered leaders in higher education. The unique strengths of our organizations promise to enrich the work together in the years ahead."

Through the new partnership, joint efforts will be made in the areas of spiritual formation and the practice of spiritual disciplines, faith and learning in higher education, and mentoring through IVCF's Emerging Scholars Network and the CCCU Virtual Center for Faculty Development - both of which similarly serve to support the next generation of Christian scholars with resources that transform lives.

The joint forces will help equip and encourage Christian faculty in the integration of their professional roles and their personal walks of faith, according to the CCCU.

"This new partnership will impact faculty, administrators and students across the higher education landscape—both in Christian higher education and in state and private higher education where IVCF has a strong presence," said Andringa.