Celebrating America: A Nation Built on the Rock

Today is Independence Day. It is a day we commemorate the birth of our nation and remember the great founders who shaped our ideals of life, liberty, equality and freedom.

Millions will celebrate their independence by taking part in patriotic rallies and parades, and by holding picnics and barbeques over spectacular fireworks displays.

As we enjoy these freedoms, it's crucial for us to think about our nation’s history and ancestry.

Why was the United States of America founded? What was the reason for it’s establishment? On what foundation was it built? Gold? Glory? Yes. But more importantly, it is God.

God established this country through the sacrifice of our ancestors, who crossed the Atlantic with a deep desire to worship Him freely and purely. They had a spiritual motive, a Godly will, and once landing built a church.

So what is the foundation and starting point of our nation? It is the Church. It is the will of God. It is faith. Although America is not a Christian theocracy, it is a democracy built upon Judeo-Christian values.

On this Independence Day, we must remember this history and thank God for His blessings. Furthermore, as the people of this great nation, we should closely examine our lives and ensure our foundation is set on the Will of God.

For a foolish man builds his house on sand, while a wise man builds his house on the rock.