Chi Alpha Prepares Pioneers at 29th Annual ''Reach the University''

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries of the Assembly of God held their annual Reach the University training institute to prepare student leaders and campus pastors for full-time ministry.

Missionaries that represent “different models” of leadership and ministering trained new leaders, current leaders, and church staff on topics ranging from small groups and students to apologetics. The platform is through “worship, fellowship, and prayer,” according to Dennis Gaylor, National Director of Chi Alpha.

Tracks included intern, church staff, student, veteran, and staff and topics. Discussions were held on theology, such as Homiletics, Hermeneutics, and Church, and also practical knowledge, such as “How to Gather Resources” and “Models That Work.”

This year, Chi Alpha added a new track to prepare pioneers.

New pioneer to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, John Michaelson said, “The east coast is a very hard area and only by miracles can anything be started.”

“There is a hunger for spiritual things in people, however there is also an air of spirituality without the inclusion of God.”

Michael and Pamela Berkowitz will pioneer the University of Wisconsin Madison with the vision “to change a generation for Christ.”

“We truly believe it’s possible,” said Michael Berkowitz.

National Director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries says there is an increase in the number of students who graduate from campus ministry and enter full-time ministry, oftentimes as missionaries to their own campus.

“We continue to see growth. Where it’s most note-worthy is what we can see in our number of missionaries. We’re getting 25-30 new missionaries coming through our process, twice a year.” He said, almost as soon as Chi Alpha goes through a batch of applications, they receive another.

Although students who graduate from high school youth groups may be leaving the church, according to Gaylor, students who graduate from the campus ministry are “more likely” to retain their faith.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is made up of 15,000 students on 250 campuses.