Chi Alpha Will Host World Missions Summit For College Students

Chi Alpha, a ministry dedicated to college students, will be sponsoring The World Missions Summit December 30, 2004-January 4, 2006 in association with Assemblies of God World Missions. The ministry is "asking every student to go on a cross-cultural mission at least once during their collegiate career" and asking the even bigger challenge of giving at least one year of post-graduation to an overseas, global cause for God.

Students going on mission journeys are becoming more and more common, it seems. Chi Alpha is one of these campus fellowships that has broadened their ministry to include overseas causes.

"Chi Alpha is making a radical challenge to our 15,000 U.S. students: every student goes, every student gives, every student prays," the website states.

As part of this bigger challenge, Chi Alpha is inviting 4,000 college students to this strategic venue [the World Mission Summit] where they will hear reports of what is happening around the world and about the needs they can realistically fill. They'll receive missiological education, build a solid missiological base that will stand a lifetime, and receive firsthand glimpse into the missionary life as they converse with real missionaries.

In addition, they'll hear topical "educational breakouts" relating to ministry to "Muslims and the media ministry."

Ultimately, the goal is to introduce the students to multiple facets of Assemblies of God missions works around the globe, presumably to promote mission desire in these students. The website starts out with "If we are serious about reaching a world where 28 percent of the world's population has never been given an adequate presentation of the gospel… we must take some radical and bold steps of advancement."

"At the conclusion of the conference, every student present will be challenged to do their part in expanding the Kingdom of God."

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