Children Reached Through Kids' E.E. Clinic

Last week, children's pastors, youth workers, and others ministers came from around USA, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Canada to experience a training session of Kids' Evangelism Explosion, in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

Kids' E.E., an offshoot of Evangelism Explosion International, was begun by Coral Ridge Ministries. Its purpose is to equip adults to help them in turn ground children in their faith and teach children to share the gospel.

As part of the evangelistic training, clinicians from the various nations visited an after-school care center and individually shared the gospel with more than 50 children. During this evangelistic training, 25 children prayed to received Christ as their Savior.  

This training session also opened the doors to three countries who as of yet are new to Kids’ EE:  Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana.  It is hoped that clinic training will be held in these countries in the near future to increase the spread of the gospel through children sharing with other children. 

Also, four clinicians came from Vietnamese churches in Toronto.  Their experience sent them home to plan for multiplication in their city.

Since Kids’ EE training calls for 1 adult group leader for every 2-3 children, recently Kids' EE is seeing a “family style” of evangelism training arise.

According to Marcia Ardis, International Director of Kids' E.E., "Children benefit from hearing the gospel message repeatedly as they grow to understand God’s redemptive plan which includes them. We know that children want to share their faith and CAN share their faith. They need training and that’s what Kids’ EE provides for churches and ministries worldwide."

In 2005, 135 Kids’ EE clinics were held worldwide; over 3,000 adults were trained in Kids’ EE.