Chile Presidential Candidate Promises Evangelicals More Respectful Country

Michele Bachelet, who is on course to become Chile's first woman president, promised Chilean Evangelical leaders to create a more respectful country.

Chile Presidential Candidate Promises EvangelicalsChile's Presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet of the center left pro-government Coalition greets supporters during a campaign visit to Concepcion, some 520 kilometers (323 miles) south of Santiago in Chile, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2005. Bachelet is the front r

On Friday, Dec. 2, the popular candidate had an unprecedented meeting with Chilean Evangelical leaders in the Providencia Hotel in Santiago, according to the Latin America and the Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC).

Delivering a letter to 200 evangelical pastors in the country, Bachelet identified herself like those Protestant leaders in the past who "struggled, even to the death, for freedom, equality and non exclusion in our beloved country," ALC reported.

Since the overthrow of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet over Chile in 1990, the Christian Democrats and their partners have remained strong in Chilean politics. However, the country continues to face the challenge of overcoming the poor human rights, poverty or social injustice that remained from the previous regime.

Knowing this, Bachelet pledged to the Chilean Evangelicals her commitment in the presidential term, saying, "We will not tolerate any type of discrimination because we want a country that understands and generously accepts diversity; a more respectful, more warm and welcoming country," according to ALC.

In the predominately Roman Catholic Latin America, Chile is challenged by the liberation of moral values. Across Latin America, which used to have the world