Christian Aid Brings Hope to Women in West Darfur

Christian Aid has enlisted displaced women in west Darfur in work schemes designed to help them gain their independence.

Christian Aid Brings Hope to Women in West DarfurA Sudanese woman in Darfur region (AFP Photo)

Around 20 women in total are on the scheme, which involves skilled but non-intensive work, hand-weaving prayer and bed mats from grass to be sold in the local market.

Christian Aid Partner Sudanaid is responsible for supplying the women with all the materials necessary to make the mats in order to give them greater independence in their daily lives.

The women involved in the project come mainly from Jeruf and have been in Dereig camp for displaced people since January 2005. The camp was set up for people dispossessed by the three-year conflict in Darfur between the government-backed Janjaweed militias and rebel movements.

One such dispossessed, Amal Achmed Altaib, 30, described the night the Janjaweed attacked.