Christian Documentary on Iwo Jima to Release on Memorial Day

A new Christian documentary honoring those who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II will be released for screenings in churches and other venues this Memorial Day, May 29.

The League of Grateful Sons, which was shot on location in Iwo Jima, Texas, Hawaii, and Guam, was produced as a part of The Faith of Our Fathers Project – an ongoing work of Vision Forum Ministries to tell the stories of the providence of God through the families that make up American History, according to a news release.

"We are compelled by a sense of urgency to honor the faith of our WWII fathers before they are gone," said Doug Phillips, executive producer of the film and president of Vision Forum Ministries. "More than a thousand WWII vets die every day, and soon they will be no more. We have little time left to say ‘thank you.’

“Our passion is to honor these men and to encourage our generation to ask their fathers of the providences of God in their lives, in keeping with the Fifth Commandment, ‘Honor your father and mother.’ This message is at the heart of our documentary, The League of Grateful Sons.

"We pray that God will work in hearts wherever this film is screened," concluded Phillips, "that the old warriors will find hope in knowing that their stories will not die with them and that the younger generation will strive to supercede the legacy of these great men."

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