Christian Medical Group Pushes Against Abortion Drug

A Christian medical group is pushing for the removal of an abortion drug from sales in order to conduct a more thorough safety review.

The Christian Medical Association, representing 17,000 members, called on the FDA to pull the abortion drug Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, from shelves. Recent reports of death caused by the drug have triggered this call.

CMA officials charge that the original safety review and approval in 2000 was "a scientifically deficient and political process." On Tuesday, the FDA had issued a public health advisory on the risks associated with this drug when given during an abortion procedure.

Executive Director of the CMA, David Stevens, M.D., stated, "With every death of another woman due to RU-486, the FDA's mandate grows clearer--to pull this drug for an objective safety review."

"The FDA has all the information it needs to get this dangerous drug off the shelves to protect the lives and health of American women," Stevens continued.

Members of the CMA also oppose the abortive effects of Mifeprex.

"We do lament the tragic loss of lives of thousands of unborn babies killed by this drug," said Stevens. "As physicians who care for women on a daily basis, we equally deeply lament the tragic toll of lives this drug has taken on women."

Associate Executive Director for CMA, Gene Rudd, M.D., commented that women who undergo abortions suffer from further physical and psychological pains after the procedure.

"Women in crisis pregnancies need to know there are alternatives – including adoption and support from churches and crisis pregnancy centers for mothers from pregnancy through childbirth and beyond," said Rudd.

The CMA has been active in pro-life issues, recently opposing the American Medical Association’s resolution that calls upon pharmacists to fill prescriptions for contraceptives, regardless of their personal beliefs.