Christian PR Firm Launches New 'Powerful' Newswire

A Christian media and public relations firm announced the launch of an online newswire, an automated online distribution system for press releases through Google news.

WDC Media, the press relations firm for Trinity Broadcasting Network, is joining the likes of PR Newswire and Earned Media in utilizing Internet technology to broadcast news. They and other Christian public relations firms are feeding the rise of evangelical communications.

"WDC's new integrated distribution capabilities, coupled with our comprehensive global media contact database, will definitely make getting client news and information to the right people in the media faster and easier then ever," said Vice President Dave Bohon.

"The news is by far one of the most untapped and misunderstood Christian mission fields in the world," said Founder Susan Zahn.

"Our goal at WDC Media is to change that and help churches, ministries, and faith-based businesses impact the world for the kingdom of God through the medium of news and mass media communications," she added.

Founder Mike Paul of MGP & Associates PR agreed.

"The mainstream media is the conduit to reaching multiple millions of people with one article or one media opportunity on cable TV," said Paul, whose New York-based public relations firm specializes in reputation management. "That's an extremely powerful tool for Christ. And if we don't use it, then our faith is not strong."

The new integrated distribution system allows WDC to connect directly with media professionals through “powerful” search tools using customizable categories. The technology creates focused searches that filter media contacts for specific news distribution.