Christian Relief Agencies Join Global Alliance to Fight Poverty

Thirteen Christian humanitarian groups around the world have joined The Global Alliance to further strengthen their relief work in response to disasters and poverty.

Global Alliance members will share resources to have greater impact in fighting poverty and bringing peace. Currently they are working in 75 countries around the world with its revenue of more than $135 million.

The countries that are part of the Global Alliance include:

CEDAR Fund (Hong Kong); Erikshjälpen (Sweden); Läkarmission (Sweden); Human Bridge (Sweden); Mission East (Denmark); Strømme Foundation (Norway); Tearfund (Belgium); TEAR Fund (Netherlands); TEAR Fund (New Zealand); Tear Fund (Switzerland); Tearfund (United Kingdom & Ireland); World Relief Canada; World Relief United States.

‘When Tearfund responds to humanitarian emergencies and long-term of poverty, other Christian agencies from around the world are doing exactly the same,” said Doug Balfour, Tearfund’s General Director. “We share the same values and we are all working to eradicate suffering and poverty. It makes sense to pool expertise, people and resources.”

Global Alliance members organized to form an alliance at the international level after two years of discussion. The members tested coordinated relief work together by contributing money and staff to provide help for the first refugees to arrive in refugee camps in Jordan during the period of Iraq war.

“Poverty, sickness, injustice – all these things continue to grow in our world today. While many people live comfortable lives, millions of people spend their days in misery and hopelessness,” said Laurie Cook, Global Alliance Chairperson and Chief Executive of World Relief Canada.

She added, “As organizations dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice, we recognize the need to come together to be more effective. Together, we can make a greater difference in the places where we work.”