Christians Fear Uganda Attacks May Further Obstruct Relief Efforts

Rebels from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) assaulted three villages in northern Uganda Wednesday night, killing six people, injuring 16, and setting fires to scores of homes.

Christians Fear Uganda Attacks May Further ObstrucInternal displaced Ugandans wait for food distribution with empty bags and buckets at Agweng camp in Lira, northern Uganda March 4, 2005 as supplies are delivered by a Baptist mission. Some 1.6 million people, forced into camps by the war, face serious fo

The six slaughtered adults and children were beaten and stabbed with machetes and hoes in the Adjuman district, according to Agence France Presse (AFP).

Craig Kippels, the head of the Lutheran World Federation in Uganda (LWF), stated that the attack has created significant fear among the population in the district.

"Already we are seeing an increasing movement of both refugees and the local population into safer areas." said Kippels, who is providing relief efforts to internally displaced people and Sudanese refugees in the area with the help of Action by Churches Together (ACT).

The situation in Uganda has become increasingly tense in the past few weeks as LRA rebels are alleged to have disfigured 8 women by cutting off their lips in the northern district of Uganda, according to Kippels.

He reports that the full impact of Wednesday's attacks and the number of people it would displace could not be known yet. If thre is another attack, there could be movement on a large scale in the Adjumani District.