Christians Feeling the Post-Holiday Blues

A Christian counselor who deals with depression says the cause of post-holiday blues experienced by many Christians as the Christmas festivities and church activities wind down continue to go unrecognized.

Laura Baker, founder of Prasso Ministries, believes the reason why many Christians experience depression after the holiday season is due to their "pretty dismal view" of what faith is about.

They believe "Christmas is supposed to be the height of their Christian experience," says Baker. "They try to do all of the Christian activities at Christmas – family devotions, church services, even the Christmas Eve scripture readings – and then they become depressed that it was all so underwhelming."

These activities, however, "do not fill the void in one's soul," according to the South Carolina-based counselor.

She has noticed the post-Christian blues phenomenon so often that she has even coined it: "Getting Prassoed" – derived from a Greek word meaning "to practice."

"Getting Prassoed is the experience of believing you have your faith all sorted out and then being depressed by the result."

But practice makes perfect as the old saying goes.

To help Christians fight depression, Prasso Ministries offers a 12-week Bible study program to encourage men and women to repeatedly, continually and habitually practice God's Word in their daily lives. The organization currently holds the classes locally in Greenville, SC, but is in the process of making them available nationally, according to its website.

Meanwhile, the website offers a 12-week study workbook, with the first lesson – on God as Father – available for free download.

Baker noted that the Christian faith is not based just on the Christmas holiday but on having a loving relationship with God as the Father.

"The best way I know to overcome post-holiday depression is to work that truth down deep into our souls," says Baker. "He will fill the void with Himself."

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