Christians in Gujarat tense as Anti-Christian pamphlets make the rounds during Christmas week

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India., Dec. 29 - Christians in Gujarat fear that a hate campaign has been launched against them by communal forces during the Christmas week as thousands of anti-Christian pamphlets have been mailed to, or slipped under the doors of, Hindu and Christian homes in western India, raising fears of attacks during Christmas celebrations.

Christians in Gujarat tense as Anti-Christian pamBajrang Dal supporters: Are they the culprits?

The pamphlets accuse Christians of forcibly converting poor Hindus, a charge denied by Christian leaders. It was not immediately clear who was distributing the pamphlets in Gujarat state, where Hindu-Muslim clashes last year left more than 1000 people dead, mostly Muslims.

"We have found these pamphlets being circulated openly all over the state. But the government is not taking (action against) this vicious propaganda," said Father Cedric Prakash, a Jesuit priest and human rights activist.

K Nityanandam, the state's home secretary, said he knew of the pamphlets. "But nobody has lodged a complaint with police so far," he said in Gujarat's state capital of Gandhinagar.

Prompted by the pamphlets, a Christian group