Christmas Gift Ideas for Christians

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By Josephine Vivaldo, Christian Post Reporter
December 22, 2010|10:49 am

There is a plethora of gift ideas out there but for anyone who is looking for Christian-based gifts and wish to support Christian businesses, there are plenty of options. Here we include unique gift ideas that try to carry God's message one way or another.

Popular Christian clothing store C28 (Colossians 2:8) is proud to say that their store is more about having a relationship with God than clothing. They are a company that is above selling t-shirts and jeans. They maintain a relationship with their customers by encouraging prayer and living a clean and positive Christian lifestyle. Their merchandise is ideal for the younger generation.

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A new product released early this year is Joi Doll, an inspirational baby doll that speaks 12 Bible verses. It was created by a mother and a daughter wishing to enhance little girl's Biblical knowledge and inspire them through each verse.

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Apples of Gold is a unique Christian jewelry company that is proud to emphasizes that their product goes for 50 percent below comparable retail mark-up. They offer jewelry for both men and women and they have free shipping service with a return policy of 45 days.

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The Word of Promise is a dramatized audio Bible that features over 600 popular actors. It is produced by Christian company, Sound Entertainment. Their main purpose is to fortify people's personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They donate 10 percent of their proceeds to local charities across the nation.

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Band Angels is a new product targeted for kids and parents with kids. This fun and innovative product provides children with colorful band aids with a Scripture message on them. It is a family company that focuses on providing a physical and spiritual tool that helps children remember that everything is going to be alright through God. Early this year, they donated their product to Haiti and they continue donating to other countries, such as Kenya.

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Manga is a popular choice among teens. Atiqtuq currently offers two series, Paul and Judith. The graphic novels aim to teach and equip young adults with stories about real heroes and heroines whose lives define honor, sacrifice, courage, faith, love, and wisdom.

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There are over 200 Christian apps for Apple ranging from Bible-themed apps to a Chinese Christian songs app. Giving an application is probably the easiest buy for anyone with an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone. A notable apps that teens and young children can truly enjoy is the Nativity Interactive Book by Digital Development, Inc. It is an animated and interactive depiction of the birth of Jesus. And an app that will definitely attract an older audience is The Almighty Bible app. It is a digital adaptation of The Almighty Bible graphic novel series. The graphic novel is full of illustrations that bring the stories in the Bible in a way that will attract young people to the Bible.

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