City-Wide Evangelistic Event to Reach Daytona

As evangelistic events have hit major cities from coast to coast, smaller cities are vying for revival. In Daytona, Fl., a local ministry is teaming up with National Day of Prayer to throw a city-wide evangelistic event.

With just over half a million people, Daytona is known for its famous racetrack, motor sports, and beaches. But now the site has a new purpose.

"We want to create fellowship between the church and the community," said Minister Sammy Jackson, founder of Christians Merging Together. "The pastors are not close to the community."

"There are divisions, and we're breaking them," he said.

Breaking division is what the 48-year-old African-American minister has been involved in since 1995. For the past three years, he has planned marches where black and white pastors walk side-by-side.

The three-day community reach, slated for May 2-4, will hopefully show people that it's not about the denomination.

"People don't even really understand the difference when we're teaching the same thing. We learn out of the same Bible. It kind of confuses people," Jackson said.

“The churches in the black community don't really teach the true Word, and this is the whole other purpose for the event - to let people know what God is really saying today."

The event, which will lead up to next year’s National day of prayer on May 5, will include a golf tournament, a Gospel concert to reach the young people, and speakers, which Mission America will help to orchestrate.

Daytona has race week, bike week, and Spring Break week, said Jackson, so "[we are] trying to do something where a lot of Christians can come together once a year."