Compassion International, IBS Partner to Bring Scriptures to Katrina Children

Corrections appended

Two large Colorado-based organizations are partnering to bring 180,000 scripture booklets to Children in Hurricane Katrina Areas.

Compassion, a children sponsorship organization, is partnering with the International Bible Society to produce and distribute a Scripture booklet specifically tailored to children affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The booklet, titled “Survivors,” will be distributed to local churches, faith-based relief organizations, and ministries in areas where evacuees are being held. Specifically, the booklet will be targeted to cities such as Houston and Dallas, where many Hurricane Katrina victims are currently taking refuge.

The Christian organizations hope that the booklet will help children cope with the trauma and process their experience through a Christian faith-based point of view. “Survivor” is specifically designed for the event of a crisis and Hurricane Katrina is the first occasion where the booklet will be distributed.

"We wanted to get the Word of God out and to reach people for Jesus Christ,” says Judy Billings, IBS’s Public Relations Manager. “Cooperating with Compassion International was a great opportunity to get the word of God into the hands of children. We are very thankful to produce this booklet and we hope to reach as many children as possible. This is the nation’s worst disaster and we are praying that God's word can bring these children peace, comfort and strength.”

“Survivors” is scheduled to begin distribution by this Wednesday, Sept. 14, and will be available in both English and Spanish versions.

Compassion has also developed the Hurricane Sponsor Assistance Fund to help Katrina victims. Donations will allow Compassion sponsors to continue to support Compassion-children by temporarily substituting for sponsors affected by the hurricane. Compassion estimates that there are more than 1,800 sponsors living in the hurricane devastated area.

Correction: Wednesday, September 14, 2005:

An article on Monday, Sept. 12, 2005, about the partnership between Compassion International and International Bible Society in distributing scripture booklets to Hurricane Katrina children incorrectly reported on how Compassion’s Hurricane Sponsor Assistance Fund would be allocated. Donations to the Hurricane Sponsor Assistance Fund will go towards supporting children normally sponsored by Hurricane Katrina victims. The donations of the 1,800 Compassion sponsors living in the devastated areas will not be redirected to Katrina relief funds for up to three months.