Compassion International Prepares For World Food Crisis

As the world continues to grapple with the after effects of the horrific twin set of natural disasters that ravaged across Burma and China this month, new concerns are being raised about the appearance of a new, powerful, and quickly growing "tsunami" in the form of an unprecedented global food crisis.

Compassion International, which is among one of the world's largest Christian organizations dedicated to helping, feeding, and caring for children worldwide, has spoken of the urgency of the situation and its desire to meet the challenge head on with the formation of its Global Food Crisis Fund.

"This is an urgent situation that Compassion is committed to seeing through to the end," said Mark Hanlon, senior vice president at Compassion International, in a statement.

According to the United Nations, an unprecedented 50 percent rise in food prices within the last two years could place nearly 800 million people across the world into danger of starvation – a large majority of them children, which is a key focus of Compassion International.

"Our top priority is our children, and we're making every effort possible to meet their immediate needs," Hanlon said.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Hanlon said that Compassion could help supply millions of people around the world with food and supplies through donations and close cooperation with churches and other Christian humanitarian organizations.

"We're also mobilizing our church partners and advocates across the country to take action on this pressing issue in their own communities," Hanlon explained.

Founded in 1952, Compassion International helps to serve the needs of impoverished and undernourished children in over 24 countries.

In 2008, Compassion International was awarded an "A" rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy in recognition of its humanitarian efforts and nearly six decades of service throughout the world.