Conservatives Renew Ford Boycott Citing Failed Negotiations

Nineteen pro-family organizations renewed their boycott of Ford Motor Companies after nearly six months of negotiations ended with no change in the company’s commitment to homosexual groups that promote gay marriage.

"Ford has the right to financially support homosexual groups promoting homosexual marriage, but at the same time consumers have a right not to purchase automobiles made by Ford," said American Family Association Chairman Donald Wildmon in a statement.

The boycott initially began in May 2005 but was suspended for six months upon the request of some dealers to allow time to resolve the issue. After a series of meetings between AFA and Ford representatives, the two groups agreed that motor company would stop funding homosexual organizations and cease advertising on homosexual media outlet.

However, Ford backed out of the agreement after several homosexual groups complained.

Ford, in a statement, said it was "proud of its tradition of treating all with respect and we remain focused on what we do best, building and selling the most innovative cars and trucks worldwide."

Ford spokeswoman Kathleen Vokes declined further comment.
In addition to AFA, which claims to have three million members, other pro-family groups supporting the renewed boycott include the Center for Reclaiming America, Liberty Counsel, and Faith2Action. AFA says it expects other organizations to endorse the boycott within the next few weeks. The group also established a website – – providing details of the boycott and examples of Ford’s support for homosexual groups.