Contest: What Makes a Christian Different from Anybody Else?

"What makes a Christian different from anybody else?" a new Christian social network is asking. has launched a contest in search for the best answer to the question that has gained a brighter spotlight in today's culture.

"It seems that Christians are only known for what they're against, or even just by what they believe or don't believe," said Faithvine's Editorial Director David Brown in a released statement. "We're curious about people's ideas on what makes Christians decidedly different in their daily lives from people who don't necessarily adopt Christian beliefs and customs."

The social network, which officially launched in August, is accepting submissions from persons from any faith background. Submitted articles will be rated by Faithvine users and top 25 articles will then be selected for review by the Faithvine staff. Cash prizes will be given out to five finalists, including a $1,000 grand prize for the first place winner.

The individual who most clearly articulates his or her perspective on the question will be awarded the grand prize.

Submissions are being accepted through the end of the year.

Faithvine is a new Christian social network launched by Texas entrepreneur and philanthropist Red McCombs. The Austin, Texas-based network is the result of a year-long project and is designed to "foster spiritually-significant conversation that reaches beyond boundaries." Although a community for Christians, the website says anyone can join, regardless of their faith or beliefs.

"We provide a safe, online community in which Christians from all backgrounds can grow together socially, intellectually, and spiritually, with a greater sense of connection through the central figure of Jesus Christ," said Brown.

The social network also provides access to Christian material and resources, discussion forums and commentary.

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