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Monday, Jul 06, 2015

CP World Report: Presidential Election, Turkey, Syria, Blasphemy Law

By World Report , The Christian Post in partnership with Crossroads, WEA
October 2, 2012|9:31 am

Both American presidential candidates are revving up for the critical first of three presidential debates.
With the election barely a month away, that leaves little time to sway voters.

Meanwhile…. Vice President Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail with a stop in Boca Raton. He addressed a crowd that included seniors and Jewish Voters. His focus: medicare and Israel….

Turkey's prime minister has been re-elected as head of the country's current ruling party.
The justice and development party - known as the AKP - rallied behind Recep Erdogan at a party congress. Erdogan is now serving his third and final term as the party's chief.
But he could still make a bid for the presidency. Under a new law - voters will choose their first elected president in 2014.

The death toll is now over 30-thousand since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011. That's according to the opposition. Fighting is centered around Damascus and Aleppo.

A suspected grenade attack on a church in Nairobi left one child killed and seven wounded. It triggered violence against Somalis in the Kenyan capital when a mob starting hurling rocks at Somalis in one Nairobi community. No one was reported to be injured. The Church blast is being blamed on the militant group Al Shabaab.

In a rare exercise of its anti-blasphemy laws, a Muslim blogger—and cleric-- who tore pages of the Bible while attending protests at the US Embassy in Cairo two weeks ago has been dragged before the Egyptian court . Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah, known as Abu Islam, was shown in two online videos desecrating the Christian Bible and then threatening to urinate on it. Practising "contempt" for a so-called heavenly religion, which includes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, is punishable by up to five years in jail in Egypt, according to the country's anti-blasphemy laws, although courts hold the majority of their religious contempt cases for those speaking out against Islam.


Gabriel Wilson has decided to channel childhood hurt into a new album: "The McGuire Side". As an adult, he was able to reconnected with his biological father and pieced together his family heritage. He discovered that his grandfather had been a travelling minister, a singer and songwriter, and that his family had deep roots in Southern Gospel music. His album "The McGuire Side"—just released---is sure to inspire. Wilson says it's all about redemption, reconciliation and embracing a lost family heritage.

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