Cross Ministry Launches Conference Discussing Homosexuality

The one day Christian ministry conference entitled “More Than Words” has been scheduled for Nov 13, 2004 at Wendell Baptist Church, North Carolina. “More Than Words” will focus on the issue of homosexuality which will teach participants how to respond to “gay theology”.

The conference is not only designed to emphasize on the root issues of homosexuality but also to explore biblical record and witness the dynamic truths that lead to freedom from homosexuality.

Participants will learn how to make a difference by witnessing the grace, love, and power of Jesus Christ who transforms people’s lives.

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the conference are: (as listed on Cross Ministry website)

If a Friend Says "I’m gay"

Just How Tolerant was Jesus?

Loving and Reaching the Gay Community

Debunking the "Gay Gene"

"What's a Parent to Do?"

Untwisting "Gay Theology"

"They didn't teach me this in Seminary!"

Counseling the Homosexual

Preventing Homosexuality

A Biblical Bridge Out of Homosexuality

The Church: "Walking by Faith, not by Fright"

Demystifying Homosexuality

Rev. Tim Wilkins, the founder/director of Cross Ministry, is the keynote speaker at the conference. Rev. Wilkins has delivered many speeches in many evangelical event including the Amsterdam 2000 global event of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Exodus World Conference in England.

Parents and friends of homosexuals, pastors, church staff, counselors, deacons, university students, homosexuals, church lay leadership, teenagers and young adults, and professionals are encouraged to attend the conference.

To register for the conference, please call 919-365-4631.