Crown Financial Ministries Named Shining Light by

A financial ministry that guides millions of people on spending money and donating has been selected as the most recent “Shining Light” of the Gospel by independent watchdog ministry, Wall Watchers.

This month, Crown Financial Ministries received an "A" in financial transparency and openness for sending “the important message to donors that it takes its biblical stewardship and accountability mandates seriously.”

“Shining Lights are models of letting their lights shine before men so that the Gospel may be proclaimed and God be glorified," explained Wall Watchers CEO Rusty Leonard. "We shine a figurative light on them so that donors may be aware of them and other ministries may learn from their examples.”

Wall Watchers selects ministries based on financial accountability and transparency, and gives preference to those that have a clear vision for spreading the Gospel.

Crown was created in 2000 by collaboration between the late Larry Burkett and CEO Howard Dayton.

“It’s our passion that God’s people get themselves in a position where they can get financial stability themselves – in particular for times of emergencies – and to where they can fund the work of Christ,” said Dayton.

Crown urges Americans to adopt a step-by-step approach to becoming financially secure. The first step is to save $1000 and make a budget. The second is to save one month’s living expense and pay off credit cards, and the third is to save three months of living expenses and pay off consumer debt.

“The first thing we have to do is educate people that God has something very significant to say about our finances. Most people have bought the lie of society, which is, if you want to be successful you have to have lots of stuff,” said Crown President David Rae. “They don’t acknowledge that God is the owner of everything, that God is the controller of everything, the provider of everything.”

“The key is a simple concept,” he said. "Spend less than your income, save it, and do it over a long period of time. The budget helps you get there.”