Cyberschool for Homeschoolers Launched

Learning By Grace (LBG), an innovative online home-schooling program, has partnered with churches to establish an instant Christian “cyberschool” called the Partners By Grace (PBG) program.

The “crisis” in America’s public schools, driven by “unruly students, school violence, lack of academic performance and Godlessness,” is causing many parents to seek innovative alternatives to the public education system,

The “church-based education and online learning” combination will allow churches to provide families with “accredited, cyber learning" in a sound, Christian environment.

"The crisis in the public schools is driving parents to their churches, looking for an education alternative for their children," said Ralf Augstroze, Vice President of Solutions Development for LBG.

"However, churches have been unable to meet these families' needs. The Partners By Grace program changes everything," he said.

According to the PBG website, the Church is encountering limitations in providing a Christian education to its members, because of a shortage of funds, staffs and other resources.

However, with many homeschooling supporters around the world, the online ministry is confident that its program will be able to help churches, ministries and Christian organizations to become a Christian education resource in their own communities.

"Churches no longer have to build a school, hire teachers and worry how to pay for it all," said Augstroze. "The Partners By Grace program leverages 21st-century technology and the finest online Christian K-12 curriculum to put churches and local education groups in the private school business overnight."

Churches partnering with Learning By Grace have two methods by which they can use the LBG online curriculum, according to Augstroze.

One option allows students to study at home and families to meet together periodically at the church. Another method encourages churches to develop an "in-church cyberschool," at which children are taught under supervision at the church.

Augstroze says the tuition for both methods is significantly lower than most private Christian schools - with its portion to be shared by the two entities.

LBG provides K-12 online learning solutions to Christian homeschool families worldwide through its parent-led or teacher-led acamenic course offerings.

Further details about the PBG program are available at