Dare 2 Share, Focus on the Family Partner to Bring Teens to Faith

Dare 2 Share is partnering with Focus on the Family for a research-based approach that encourages teens to "own" their faith and stop the "exodus" from church after graduating high school.

According to the Dare 2 Share (D2S) website, the Capture Their Hearts Campaign (CTHC) focuses on evangelism and includes annual conferences and devotional training tools and resources to answer the basic questions of faith.

The five-year, multi-faceted campaign was started to address the "graduation evacuation" plaguing many American congregations. During a national tour of events, more than a thousand youth workers, pastors and parents were surveyed to help develop the program. The research developed a simple strategy centered on 30 questions and answers about Christian faith.

Statistics show that even if students are active in their church community, most will not continue their involvement into their adult lives. As many as 2 out of 3 of teens currently attending church will stop attending after graduating from high school and up to 50 percent of evangelical college freshmen will forsake their faith by their senior year of college, states the release from D2S.

In addition to conferences held in major U.S. cities each year, D2S has developed resources for teens, and their youth leaders and parents on the website. For example, "Soul Fuel for teens" is a weekly e-mail studying the 30 questions that teens ask most often. "Soul Fuel for youth leaders" is an outline specific to that week's Soul Fuel teen email and is a tool for youth leaders to use during their weekly youth group. "Soul Fuel for parents" are discussion questions posted on the web, which parents can use to talk to teen about their beliefs. The G.O.S.P.E.L. Journey training, which has been the basis of Dare 2 Share's evangelism training events for over 14 years, is also available on the website.

A membership program - Focus on Your Child - was developed by Focus on the Family to help parents build a sense of community, share practical advice and encourage one another to make the most of the parenting years.